Hair Tips

HAIR 101 class is in session!

  • IMPORTANT-  if you are a beginner I recommend a professional to assist with installation
  • WIG Lace can be easily damaged - Professional for beginners 
  • Co-Wash (Conditioner Only) hair in Luke warm water prior to installation for best results  leave conditioner in for 30 minutes or more
  • CURLS: I recommend using a small amount of conditioner and water  for reviving curls 
  • Rinse thoroughly and let air dry 
  • Comb or use Wide tooth Brush from ends to top of hair 
  • Do Not massage hair
  • Apply a small amount (dime size) of oil to add richness and shine
  • Do Not add oil on a consistent basis will cause stiffness 
  • When going to bed use a satin scarf or satin bonnet 
  • Do Not use High Heat to style Hair on a consistent basis (Flexi rods or pin curls are suitable)